I want to explain something, because many seem confused, lost and sometimes a bit out of touch with reality and in this fantasy that is created we are in control we call the shots or at least we think we do.

Every person on this planet is part of a growing Network that dark energy that dark matter that is our invisible connection, and with it, we can do some incredible things folks. People of ancient civilizations all over the world and knew something, and it is known that we have some abilities psychic abilities. See telekinesis telepathy astral projection that stuff is real it happens it exist but how well there is a growing amount of evidence to suggest that the pineal gland the key to unlocking these abilities. Let me explain as we take a look at one of the most vital organs in the human body hidden in darkness.
The third eye.

There are people walk around all day and they can't see their eyes are closed, or at least one of them. Located at the brain Center in the midline between the two cerebral hemispheres, right behind the third syrebral ventricle is the pineal gland. An endocrine gland found in vertebrates. It always its name to its shape which is that of a pine cone. This is a symbol used repeatedly in some of the most isolated cultures Egyptians Babylonians symbology of the pineal gland is also found in the Islamic Buddhist and Hindu religions even at the Vatican. There is deep ancient symbology. The pope even carries what looks like a mock-up of the staff of Osiris, there goes that name again.

At the bottom of the giant bronze Pinecone you see two lions below them Egyptian hieroglyphs. This organ is symbolized in mesoamerica Jamaica what is the significance of this origin. Now the pineal gland is hollow and on the inside is water, & in that water you see crystals. You see it's called the third eye because it technically is an eye. In the internal membrane you can find what looks like the rods and cones of the retina called panilo sites. This is hardwired to the visual cortex of the brain just like the eyeballs and interesting the enough it is activated by the light and the dark. Think about it how do you see in a dream? The pineal gland functions in secretion of hormones is stimulated by the solar cycle and circadian rhythm of the body or sleep-wake cycle. During the day the pineal gland and the intestines produce and secrete serotonin this is one of the reasons it is important to be eating only during the day as the sun aids in our digestion of food. Serotonin is also believed to be a mood regulator.

This may be why the simple cure for depression is to go outside and take a walk while looking at things far away in the Sun. Is it the same reason sungazing has incredible health benefits. After the Sun is going down the darkness takes over and now the pineal gland is triggered to produce and secrete melatonin. Pay attention cuz this is important. Everyday our adult bodies lose over 500 million cells and every night those cells are replaced by cell mitosis or cell division. In order for the cells to do this they need energy and during the Gathering of this energy the extra left over electron particles are left behind. These are commonly known as free radicals. These free radicals then turn around and attack healthy cells but not before being Swept Away by one of Nature's Most Powerful antioxidants melatonin melatonin. melatonin is multiple times more powerful than vitamin c and e combined. It protects the immune system and heart it clears out free radicals protecting you from cancer and aging. This is the hormone that heals you as you sleep.

There is something else that the pineal gland does, it is quite awesome. It emits light, photons, colors. In the fluid of the pineal gland, there are DMT crystals. You know DMT, the hallucinogenic psychedelic drug used by doctors Shaman and other ritualistic Healers and other rituals. when you sleep or should I say when your pineal gland is activated it blocks out electromagnetic energy from entering into itgiving you the ability to see with your mind's eye, this is how astral projection and remote viewing the works which is achieved through hypnosis or a self hypnosis.

When someone is out of their body what they see is transmitted back to the pineal gland, it comes in the form of frequencies that activate the crystals to create images. Are you now kind of starting to understand how someone could have ESP or become psychic, attributed to what is called the opening of the third eye. By the way, dare you attempt to travel through this AstroWorld proceed with caution and understand that you won't be alone. The entities are there and no one is quite certain as to who or what they are. The point is, you know when you open something up, sometimes it's hard to close it, and the last thing you want is for our world and the AstroWorld to overlap.

I don't think you want to be walking around like that little kid in the sixth sense.

So you may have wondered why are some people psychic and others are not, how can some people have outer body experiences and others can't? why can't some people move objects with their minds and others cannot? The chakras of the human body actually run along the spine from the tailbone all the way up the 33 vertebrae leading straight to the pineal gland where that chee or Key Energy can be manipulated. I'm not making any of this stuff up this is real energy that has been mapped. We should all know this by now, we should all have a very great understanding of our own freaking bodies.

There is a problem, we live in such a processed environment these days the food is processed the air is processed, the earth is processed and when I say processed, I mean polluted. The byproduct of phosphate fertilizer & fluoride is in our water supplies. Even if you drink filtered water, most people are not taking any filtered showers or baths and your skin absorbs more fluoride and you can ever drink. It gets into your body exhausting the adrenal glands giving you a relaxed feeling when coming out of the shower instead of a vibrant energetic feeling.

Humans are constantly loading their bodies with toxins to no end without ever doing a single cleanse. Go outside and look up what do you think all those chemicals being sprayed in the sky do amongst other things. Look, all these things will calcify the pineal gland and trust me you do not want your pineal gland to become a bone in the middle of your brain and this has happened to people. Can you imagine having a dramatic reduction in your body's production of those hormones and neurotransmitters. I discussed earlier this leads to a whole host of diseases and it's pretty much lights out.

There is a solution, there are things you can do to decalcify the pineal gland and open up your third eye. First never ever ever drink tap water EVER! It is loaded with so much fluoride, toxic chemicals and heavy metals that it can actually cause an upset stomach. Reverse osmosis water is great but you will still need to get a reverse osmosis filter for your shower. Eating just a little meat can be good for the body after all no one has ever been able to prove that you live longer by not eating meat. It really has a lot to do with the essential amino acids that tend to be missing in a vegetarian vegan and raw food diet, which is why some people have this pale pasty looked in their skin.

This can be simply supplemented by eating hemp protein which contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs GMO foods will destroy not only your pineal gland but your DNA as well. You want plenty of organic non-GMO, non hybrid fruits and vegetables. Especially ones that have a purplish color because the color of the vegitation your eating, carries with it frequencies that affect the body. You wan't foods high on boron, avacado, rasins prunes, raw coco, along with oregano oil, raw apple cider, vinegar, garlic, spirulina, chlorella, cilantro, wheatgrass. You know all that healthy stuff people try to avoid.

There are herbs such as licorice, ginseng, lavender, chamomile, wild indigo bark, You get the picture.

It is absolutely amazing what that little pea-sized gland in the middle of your head can do I've only touched on the very basics of it and if you do your research will find out some pretty incredible things, such as DNA projection. You know there are mad men who want our third eye to be calcified enclosed. Because it makes you docile and many of them are refute scientific claims because they do not want that information looked at. They want to keep us all in the dark.

so what I say to that is how about we all take a break from the computer screens, televisions and cell phones and take a nice long walk in the light of the Sun.

Become Enlightened.

John Anderson, Survivor Of Sexual Abuse Encourages Today's Victims To Not Wait To Speak Up.
As a victim of childhood sexual abuse, a counselor said 1 sentence that helped me to speak up. " If you don't say anything, and by remaining quiet you may cause a strong risk of having this happen to other children". She was right and by hearing that sentence I spoke up, because I as a child did not want that to happen to another child. I also learned from her the fact about remaining silent. "If you remain silent, you would willingly or not be in protection of that man who harmed you". Again and as a child I understood her and knew she was 100% correct.
So to tell your children to wait or not speak about it until the time is right etc. Means your helping buy the abuser time . Even If if you don't intend to, it's a fact. Also so much harder for a conviction later because of waiting so long to speak up. The reality is, its a better pay off for the pedophile if those abused remain silent for as long as they can. anyone fulfilling that is in a simple fact giving the sexual abuser a better payoff than if the children and or adults were to speak up right away. We need to educate today's youth at an earlier age on what certain touching is and what it means when someone goes beyond the boundaries, also learning ways to fight back. The main thing is teaching them early that speaking up is a good thing, and that it makes them a teacher for others who need to speak up. Teaching them that when you speak up, that you end a sexual bad man, making that child who spoke up right away feel like and know that they are now A REAL LIFE HERO FOR DOING SO.
To every child who speaks up right away and saves other children, YOU ARE ALL MY HERO"S.
(I failed to speak up in time & waited around 4-5 years because of not knowing what happened to me at 5 was wrong. I wish I was educated about it back then, if i was I would have known it was wrong and spoke out, costing another boy to fall victim, the guilt eats me up everyday. You do not want to live with this pain of knowing you could have saved so many others from the most evil act on earth to be done to any child)
So to all you who removed me for my own personal opinion and bashed me, and those i removed for bashing me. You are the reason the world is as bad it is and the reason it is hard to make change for the better. You have no idea what i live with each and everyday.
Below is John Anderson's Statement To Police After Over 25 Years Of Giving It Last Time When He Was A Young Boy.

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