Still working out some minor cog's. Soon you will be able to create Fan Pages, Share posts & create/manage your own forum's. Keeping this as close to Facebook, yet without the blocks against freedom of exposing those who are corrupt. All data is backed up so nothing you post will ever be lost, at some point we will be expanding the server size to unlimited, at that point you will all have the ability to upload video's. Another feature to be added will be document uploading and sharing within site members etc.
Thank you for joining as well as your ongoing support.
John Anderson

Tired Of Facebook Blocks & Ban's?
Less Restrictions To Have Your Corruption Story Details Posted.
Name Names etc.
Selected posted stories exposing corruption will be read on the new S.T.O.L.E.N shows.
A website dedicated to those exposing any and all corruption on a "Global Level".
A refuge for those surviving the large amounts of evil corruption world wide.